Since ancient Greece, public interest has not only become ever more diverse, but also ever more important due to the advent of modern democracy. Now, those in office need to know about and take into consideration these diverse needs across all segments of society. It is also indispensable for a democracy that its citizens are adequately informed about the decisions taken by its parliament.

The media provide exactly this bridge: On the one hand, they are a source for those in power to tap into the interest of the public. On the other hand, they provide citizens with information. This increasing diversity and importance of public interest coupled with the pivotal function of the media renders the way the media report crucial. Therefore, Media Tenor honors those media which excel at showcasing both how diverse the public interest is and how multifaceted the decisions taken by parliaments are with special awards.

Furthermore, institutions (e.g. universities and NGOs) strive to get their viewpoint across to the media. Even entire countries aim to be recognized by the international media. Media Tenor gives awards to those institutions and countries which are most successful in their communication efforts while also adhering to certain core virtues when communicating their message, such as diversity and transparency.

Importantly, Media Tenor does not rely on a jury to determine the winners of the awards. Rather, this decision is based on the careful in-depth analysis of an entire year’s worth of newspaper articles and television news broadcasts. This means that winners of the awards are identified through objective empirical numbers rather than subjective evaluations.

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