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No More Surprises – A Matter of Solid Facts and Research Excellence

In 2008 we were assured that the world would collapse. Or at least the world of business. A few months later, we were astonished to find that 2008 had little in common with 1929. The clash between sentiment and reality became most striking at the WEF Annual Meeting in 2009. The media had come to Davos expecting to catch corporate leaders one last time before they committed collective suicide. But CEOs from all over the world didn’t follow the media’s script. Nine out of 10 companies reported full order books, in many cases until well into 2010. With CEOs refusing to be depressed, the media changed its sentiment too, and refocused its attention on other problems, from the lack of trained workers, to water shortages, to how to deal with China.

In 2012, media sentiment doesn’t differ much from the one in 2008. Europe, we’re told, is about to collapse. News focus on BMW exporting fewer cars to Spain while ignoring fast-rising sales in China and Africa. We read about the 62% of Germans who disapprove of further support for Eurozone countries but hear little about the massive amounts of cheap capital flooding into Germany, boosting investment and supporting the economy.

A foundation of solid facts and excellent research in media reporting would result in far fewer surprises. That is the reason we are once again meeting in Lucerne. Real problems and real opportunities call for smart brains all over the world. This year, the Lucerne audience will also get an exclusive first glance at the Global Agenda Index, which Media Tenor will be launching in partnership with the National Intelligence Council and the Atlantic Council in Washington.

We look forward to welcoming you to Lucerne for the 13th Agenda Setting Conference.

Roland Schatz
CEO Media Tenor International

15th Agenda Setting Conference